Expedition Team

Marina Garland - C-223


Whether by luck or design, Marina's name, which means "of the sea," fits her well!  Marina has been sailing on tall ships since she was 17 years old, and has worked as a sea bird rehabilitator, been a member of a humpback whale disentanglement team, taught sailing lessons and researched fishing communities in downeast Maine and Newfoundland.  She sailed with SEA Semester class C-223 and studied plastic and tar in the Sargasso Sea, then went on to conduct two studies on microplastic pollution in the Gulf of Maine.  She graduated from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME in spring 2012 and calls New England home, though she has yet to decide where she'll put down roots (or an anchor, as may be).

Among many diverse passions, Marina is a guitar-playing science nerd, SCUBA diver, farm hand, primitive skills enthusiast, backpacker, white water paddler, and chantey-singer. Her interdisciplinary training as a human ecologist has prepared her to tackle the issue of marine plastic pollution from a number of angles and to work towards solutions as a scientist, writer, photographer, and educator.  Oh, and of course, as a sailor.