Expedition Team

Madelyn Soldner-Sullivan - S-224


Madelyn Soldner-Sullivan grew up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with National Forest as her backyard.  She followed the tributaries of these mountains all the way east to Bowdoin College in Maine where she graduated with a degree in visual art.

During her time on the east coast she fell in love with the ocean while learning to surf in the icy Atlantic and working for a wooden boat builder. Wanting to get even saltier, Madelyn participated in SEA Semester class S-224 from Hawaii to San Francisco and was part of a group conducting research on plastic. 

Pursuing a deeper understanding of both land and sea she has studied primitive and survival skills with Tom Brown Jr. at the Tracker School.  After graduating from college she stayed in Maine to intern with mentors who maintain a profound relationship with the land.  She lived on a family run bio-dynamic CSA and homestead while studying with botanist Arthur Haines, who shared his knowledge of wild food foraging and plant medicine.  Madelyn’s passion to share what she learns led her to teach the practice of survival skills with her peers and younger children.  She feels that learning to be comfortable in survival situations through ancient skills leads to a profound connection with oneself and the natural world.

Now back in Colorado she keeps up her artistic practices which cover a wide range of media from bookbinding, print making, and leather-work to land art, cooking, and music.  She is stoked to have the opportunity to revisit the Pacific and plastics research.  Madelyn plans to stay in Kauai for the winter to pursue her passion for surfing, immerse herself in Hawaiian culture and continue her new business selling hand-made minimalist sandals: Ça Sufeet by Raw Gnar (the most pure unrefined form of radness), www.rawgnar.com.