Expedition Team

Kimberly McCabe - C-198


Kim McCabe earned a degree in biological sciences from Connecticut College in 2007.  Unable to escape the sea fever instilled in her from her SEA Semester (class C-198) she went back to sea promptly after graduation, this time as a science educator for Ocean Classroom Foundation’s high school Semester at Sea.  Her time there allowed her to travel from Maine’s rocky coast to Caribbean coral reefs using hands-on exploration of marine ecosystems to encourage students not only to understand marine ecology, but also to evaluate their impact on the ocean and inspire ocean stewardship.  Eventually, she gave up her bunk to experience mountain life and spent three winters as a snowboard instructor in Breckenridge, CO.  Inevitably, she was drawn back to the coast, taking with her a retired sled dog, a token of her winters above 9000 feet.  She currently works as a visitor education specialist at the New England Aquarium.  You might see her showing off a blue lobster while talking about sustainable seafood choices, or training volunteers to connect with visitors and talk about conservation.  She can’t wait to meet the rest of the crew, try her sea legs again, and bring back this important research to the aquarium’s visitors and staff!