Expedition Team

Kara Lavender Law - Principal Investigator


Kara received her PhD in physical oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and developed an interest in marine debris while teaching and sailing with SEA.  As a faculty oceanographer and chief scientist, Kara taught more than 200 students in 10 SEA Semester classes about the ins-and-outs of oceanography both onshore in Woods Hole, MA and at sea in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Caribbean Sea.

Now a research professor at SEA, Kara studies plastic marine debris using SEA's 25-year data set consisting of plastic counts from more than 7500 plankton net tows that were carried out by over 7000 SEA students and scientists.  Her interests include understanding how ocean physics determines the distribution of plastic and other marine debris, and the behavior and ultimate fate of different plastics exposed to the harsh ocean environment.