Expedition Team

Jason Quilter - Captain


Jason is a career tall ship mariner with 20 years of experience in the traditional sail training industry.  He has served on more than a dozen different vessels and has crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans while traveling to amazing parts of the world.  Jason holds a U.S. Coast Guard 1600-ton Ocean Masters license and Able Seaman Unlimited rating, and a Master Marine Technician certification from the American Yacht and Boat Council.  His involvement with Sea Education Association began as second mate aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans in 2003.  He worked as mate or captain until 2010, when he became a faculty instructor and master.  This is his fifth expedition to Hawaii and he is looking forward to the sailing and research that will take place in the plastic debris convergence zone of the North Pacific.  

Jason is also a graduate of the Landing School of Boat Building, Design and Systems and can be found working in engine rooms and boatyards in between sailing adventures.  When at home in northern Virginia, he loves spending time with his many pets, studying marine topics, pursuing fitness endeavors and volunteering as an amateur weather watcher, storm spotter.