Expedition Team

Bart DiFiore - S-214


Bart DiFiore was born and raised among the salt marshes and mud flats of Gloucester, MA, the place he still calls home.  Since the age of five Bart has been found on, in, or under the waters surrounding Gloucester or any body of water that he can find.  As an inveterate boat rat, he has worked as a kayak guide and as a mate on fishing boats and research vessels from coast to coast.  He spends far too much time hanging around in boat yards dreaming.  After completing SEA Semester class S-214, he discovered the love of sailing that he always expected he would find.  In the winter of 2010 he graduated from Middlebury College, where he attempted to mend his passions for writing and science, double majoring in biology and English & American literature in the landlocked state of Vermont. 

After graduating, Bart’s life took a turn toward the terrestrial when he took a job as the field manager at his grandmother’s vegetable farm and farm stand.  For two seasons he worked to grow the perfect tomato.  In 2010 he spent all of his free time, when not elbow deep in weeds and tractor grease, researching and writing a story on giant bluefin tuna, which can now be found in the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Currently, Bart has exchanged the dirt of the farm for bait and is back on the water.  He can be found somewhere between Florida and Nova Scotia out to the 1000-fathom curve, chasing bluefin tuna for the Large Pelagics Research Center, studying the ecology and biology of the species that has captivated him since childhood.