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What made you want to go on this expedition?

Posted on October 21 2012

Question submitted by Pacific Boychoir Academy

I know that for the Sea Education Association (SEA), having a research cruise on plastics in the Pacific Ocean to add to the information they've collected on their student cruises on this subject will increase their knowledge about plastic concentrations in this ocean.   They have been cataloguing plastics in the North Atlantic for twice as many years through sampling by students and recently from the Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition 2010.  Raising awareness of, researching, and protecting our oceans is one of the highest priorities for SEA.  

For the scientists aboard, this expedition is an opportunity to have a research boat to take them where the ocean plastics are so they can increase their knowledge of the amount of plastic, how it moves in the ocean, what life grows on it, and how it affects that life and the water around it.  I would guess that most of my shipmates are aboard because of their love of the ocean, sailing, adventure and a chance to make a difference by raising awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans.