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What is it that keeps you going?  How will this voyage contribute to the greater good?

Posted on October 28 2012

Question submitted by Lewiston High School

This is a great question.  Speaking for myself as a member of the crew and not a scientist, it is the excitement of discovery, the thrill of adventure, the lure of the unknown and my love of the ocean that keeps me going.

My most fervent hope is that the research we are doing aboard the Seamans, along with other research on plastics in the ocean, will lead to answers that ultimately result in healthier oceans.

I’ve asked chief scientist Emelia DeForce to answer this question, and she said that what keeps her passion for this type of research is the fact that we know so little about plastic in the ocean ecosystem.  As a scientist, unknown answers to questions pose a huge challenge.  The adventure of being out in the ocean, discovering new things, and gathering information that no one else has in the past is exhilarating.  She feels honored to be a part of this expedition!