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What has been the best part of the trip so far?

Posted on October 24 2012

Question submitted by Packer Collegiate Institute

For me it was the first, clear, moonless night seeing the brilliant stars away from the lights of land; the Milky Way glowed across the sky.  At the same time bioluminescence sparked in the bow wave.

I asked some of my shipmates this question:
Kellie Jensen:  being out on the bowsprit
Hilary Hoagland-Grey:  working really hard then laughing with the people aboard
Matt Ecklund:  going aloft as we left San Diego and seeing a beach I went to as a child with my family
Trent Hodges:  getting to know all the unique, intelligent people aboard
Christa Choi:  when we pulled up my first neuston tow, the noctophores
Noah Citron:  mornings resting on the fisherman (sail), which is stowed on top of the lab house
Bart DiFiore:  being outside of sight of land and learning the stars