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What do you do for fun?

Posted on October 28 2012

Question submitted by Lewiston High School

The first thing that comes to mind is music.  There are people aboard who play banjo, guitar and ukulele, sing sea chanteys, and play a rhythm instrument, even if it’s a pepper shaker.  It seems like there is music all the time and it’s awesome!

Marina Garland gives Trent Hodges and Tom Klodenski an appreciative smile for their music on the aft deck.

The second thing is special moments like afternoon snack being copepod cookies, a costume party where everyone is supposed to come as something that begins with the letter P, and early Thanksgiving to celebrate the halfway point of our cruise.

Fun is eating copepod cookies for afternoon snack on the aft deck.

I asked some of my shipmates their answer to the question:

Whitney Horstman:  Reading, crafts
Gary Borda:  Hanging out on deck, taking candid photos, exercising
Jon Waterman:  Reading books and taking photos
Patty Goffinet:  This is like summer camp for big kids on a ship.  You’re outside learning new things with fun people.