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What are you planning to do with the plastic when you find it?  Are you removing or cataloging it?

Posted on October 14 2012

Question submitted by King Philip Regional High School

Trent Hodges, Chrissy Dykeman and Emelia DeForce pick tiny pieces of plastic out of a bucket filled with the contents of a neuston tow.

All the plastic that is collected in the nets is counted and archived for later research onshore.  Large pieces that we sight from the deck will be noted along with the date and GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude).  If we can safely collect some of these pieces, and have room to store them, we will.  All of the large and small plastic objects we collect have marine organisms living on them.  They will be documented and preserved for later studies back on land.

The great majority of pieces of plastic caught in our nets are smaller than your pinky fingernail.