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What are some of the most important sailing words you use on a day-to-day basis?

Posted on November 08 2012

Question submitted by Pacific Boychoir Academy

Some of the most important sailing (nautical) names are for places aboard the ship because directions, especially in an emergency, are given using these terms:

Forward: the front or toward the front of the boat (bow)

Aft:  the back or toward the back of the boat (stern)

Port:  the left side of the boat

Starboard:  the right side of the boat

Beam:  The middle of each side of the boat

Standing on the aft deck of the Seamans looking forward, the port side is in shadow and the starboard side is in sunlight.  In the middle is the boat’s steering wheel called the helm.

The ropes are called lines.  We haul on a line when we are pulling it in order to raise the sail it’s connected to.  To let go a line, we allow it to run, letting it out hand over hand.  An example of that would be to let go of the line holding the main sail up, slowly, so the sail can be lowered or struck.  We need to know the names and locations of 9 sails and 82 lines.

These lines around the foremast are just some of the lines attached to different places on the rails around the decks.