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Is everyone on the boat working on different projects?

Posted on October 26 2012

Question submitted by Falmouth Academy

There are a number of people onboard working on individual research projects, such as Zora McGinnis who is doing visual surveys for large debris and investigating the guts of fish for ingested plastic; Mike Gil is investigating the communities of organisms living on large debris that is recovered; Kristin Mitchell is collecting samples for selenium analysis that she will carry out back on land; and Greg Boyd is collecting microbial samples for shore analysis.  Others on board are working exclusively on communicating our results by taking photos, writing journal posts, making video blogs, or answering student questions.  The professional crew (mates, assistant scientists, stewards and engineers) have specific jobs to keep the ship running smoothly, and everyone else participates in all these areas, assisting people on deck, in the lab, galley, and engine room.