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Do you use any plastic products or equipment onboard the ship?

Posted on October 20 2012

Question submitted by Pacific Boychoir Academy

This is a very timely question for us.  We recently had a class on the history of the use of plastics.  I was surprised to find out that they were originally invented to cut down on the use of natural products such as ivory and trees.  There was a lively discussion about plastics in our life being a good thing versus a bad thing.  We do indeed use plastics on board, especially for science, since much of this equipment is inexpensive, lightweight and hard to break in a lab aboard a moving ship.  We realize that the use of plastics has been very helpful in many areas of our lives including science and medicine.

Tommy Wootton and Marina Garland check out the Niskin bottles before a hydrocast in the wet lab.  The Niskin bottles, the tubing by the sink, and even the coiled lines are made of plastic.  Can you see anything else?

SEA is very conscious about the environment so plastic pollution in the ocean is taken very seriously. You won't find styrofoam cups or plastic utensils aboard.  Everything used for eating is reusable.