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Faculty & Advisors

Faculty & Advisors


Faculty & Advisor Testimonials

Judy Stone, Ph.D. - Professor of Biology, Colby College
"SEA Semester emphasizes many of our core values: responsibility, community, evaluating evidence, responding appropriately to challenges, and communication."

Corri Taylor, Ph.D. - Director, Quantitative Reasoning Program, Wellesley College
"SEA Semester's approach emphasizes the many core skills that we value so much: hands on research, quantitative reasoning skills, oral and written communication skills, teamwork, etc. Our mission is to prepare women who will make a difference in the world. The leadership training that SEA Semester provides matches this goal."

Seth Pritchard, Ph.D. - Director, Environmental Studies, College of Charleston
"SEA Semester is obviously a good fit for our marine biology students. But, I now realize how applicable this program is to our environmental studies students."

Bob Dugan, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Computer Science, Stonehill College
"We believe strongly in learning communities and I see SEA Semester as the embodiment of this type of community."

Veerendra Lele, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, Denison University
"SEA Semester is a very good program, and definitely provides many of the things my university would promote and value. Leadership, cooperative learning, stretching and challenging oneself physically and intellectually are among these things."

Stacey Woody Thebodo - Assistant Director, International Programs and Off-Campus Study, Middlebury College
"SEA Semester programs offer an incredible experiential and interdisciplinary opportunity which fits into many majors and areas of study at my institution."

Christina Pondell, Ph.D. - Professorial Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science, American University
"SEA Semester complements the university’s goal to expose all undergraduates to meaningful research experiences. It also gives the Environmental Science department a unique study abroad program that has already proved to be applicable across departments and throughout the university."