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SEA Semester: for Faculty & Advisors

Information for Faculty & Advisors

SEA Semester has been educating ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders with a community-based learning model since 1971. By combining academic coursework in a residential environment on shore with a hands-on sailing research voyage at sea, SEA Semester allows students to put newfound knowledge into action while facing the real consequences associated with crewing a tall ship on the open ocean.

By providing an educational environment that is problem-oriented, field-based, collaborative, and practical, SEA Semester is the ideal representation of what the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU) has defined as vital components of a 21st century education.

This section is designed as a resource for faculty and advisors at undergraduate institutions who are looking for more information as they advise students about SEA Semester. You will learn why SEA Semester is an internationally recognized leader in environmental education abroad; what we look for in our applicants; how academic credit is awarded; how SEA is committed to affordability and is currently meeting all demonstrated need; and more.

Thank you for entrusting your students to us. We look forward to welcoming them aboard for the academic adventure of a lifetime.

Dr. Paul Joyce
Academic Dean