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SEA awards over $1 million per year in need-based and merit scholarships.

Over 50% of our students receive some form of financial assistance; out of those, 95% receive aid directly from SEA.  SEA is currently meeting all students' demonstrated need. In fact, the average award last year was $10,300. SEA remains committed to making our programs affordable for all qualified and motivated students.

Our Financial Aid staff works individually with each student to make the SEA Semester experience an affordable one. We can also assist students in transferring as much of their current institutional aid as possible towards the cost of our programs. Through our need-based financial aid packages and merit-based scholarships, SEA Semester is often no more expensive than a semester at your own institution.

SEA Semester programs operate in U.S. dollars, which means that our students are not affected by high international exchange rates. While our ships do visit some exotic locales, the limited shore time also ensures that they will not incur significant costs outside of the program fees. Therefore, SEA Semester can actually be less expensive overall than a semester abroad with other off-campus study providers.

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