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Kellie Jensen, W-168

Sustainability Manager, Apple, Inc.

About Kellie Jensen

SEA Semester year: 2000
College: Middlebury (BA); University of Michigan (MS), University of Chicago (MS)

Kellie Jensen, W-168, is a sustainability program manager at Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, California. At Apple, Kellie is responsible for developing a sustainable materials management program. She is also a member of the Women@Apple Leadership Team, which supports the recruitment and retention of women in technology.

"SEA Semester was an amazing experience. I was fortunate to have been surrounded by incredible students, crew, and scientists. We faced myriad challenges together that required teamwork, commitment and humility. I quickly learned to rely on my watchmates when I was lost, tired and overwhelmed (which was most of the cruise). I'll always look back on my time on Westward fondly."

She has advice for SEA Semester students:  "Don't worry about where you're going once you get off the ship. Focus on your time at sea. Enjoy every moment. You won't remember every line, but you will remember shooting the stars, laughing with your watchmates and falling asleep after a long day, your mind and body exhausted."

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