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Rebecca Trinh

Intern, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

About Rebecca Trinh

SEA Semester year: 2012
College/University: UC Berkeley 
Major: Marine Science & Integrative Biology 

Working for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Rebecca Trinh uses satellites to track wastewater plumes off the coast of Southern California. A graduate of S-242, Rebecca sailed from Honolulu to San Francisco. She writes: "The month onshore in Woods Hole, MA and the month out at sea were two of the most profound months I have yet to experience.... My time with SEA only strengthened my resolve to pursue oceanography as my career choice and to be an ocean researcher."

"Being at sea teaches you a lot about yourself, it pushes you, it works you, and you will surprise yourself at your strength and will be surprised by the strength of others.  Because of SEA I have learned to appreciate the ocean for its immensity and complexity, furthering my desire to understand it and its inhabitants through my research."

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