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Hans Albee

Engineer, ReVision Energy

About Hans Albee

SEA Semester Class: Westward 177
College/University: Dartmouth College
Major: Mechanical Engineering

A licensed professional engineer at ReVision Energy, a New England solar power company, Hans Albee is responsible for overseeing commercial project management, engineering, and design in the company's Liberty, Maine branch, where he is part of the Branch Leadership Team.

He writes of his SEA experience: "SEA offered me an opportunity to interact with the natural world in a fundamental way, use wind power to move across the ocean, work as a team to handle the vessel and keep it and each other safe, conduct science at the forefront of really large environmental changes, and live closely with other people.  My favorite aspect of SEA was celestial navigation.  There is magic in the science of using star charts and tables, sextants and chronometers to navigate.  Learning the names of stars and constellations may seem anachronistic in the age of GPS, but the US Navy recently started teaching it again too.  My most powerful memories are taking star sights in the early morning and late evening, surrounded by wind and waves.  When I attended in 2001, climate change was a smaller issue, but the threats to our oceans from humanity were clear.  The science and oceanography that were part of the SEA curriculum certainly reinforced my appreciation for the natural world, and the role of humans to be stewards and caretakers of our earth."

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