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Alana Rask


About Alana Rask

SEA Semester year: 2011
College: The George Washington University
Major: Geography & Environmental Studies
Graduate School: University of Hawaii Law School
Degree: J.D.

Alana writes: After SEA semester I had a reinvigorated passion for the environment and environmental protection. I graduated from college with a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, and SEA semester was by far my best experience in college. I then went on to pursue a law degree, with the intent to practice environmental law.

I am from Hawaii, and the SPICE program opened my eyes to how fragile life is in the Pacific. I decided to go to the University of Hawaii law school to study environmental law, and I graduated with my JD in 2015. I am now a litigation attorney at a small civil defense law firm. I am hoping to hone my litigation skills here, and eventually return to my passion, which is environmental law. I remain involved with environmental issues by being a member of the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Sierra Club. Besides allowing me to discover my love of sailing and the ocean, SEA made me a more self-confident and self-reliant person.

SEA allowed me to discover my most authentic self, that I would never have discovered otherwise. I attended SEA semester when I was 20, having never sailed before. I was feeling stagnant and dissatisfied. Now I am 25, I'm an attorney, I live on a sailboat in Hawaii, and I am living the life I want to live. I am grateful to SEA for showing me how to adventure, and adventure with a purpose. That is how I live my life now.

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