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Alumni & Parents

SEA Alumni & Parents

Alumni Upcoming Events

Regional Events

SEA Alumni Events, held regionally, are a great way to keep abreast of SEA news and reconnect with or meet new shipmates. We send invitations by email based on your last known address. If you've recently moved or changed your email, we encourage you to update your information in the Alumni Directory to stay abreast of events in your location.

Alumni Sail on the Cramer

Let's go sailing!  Now's your chance to join an alumni sail on the Corwith Cramer over Memorial Day weekend. Cast off the downhauls, haul-away the halyards, and steer for open waters with your favorite person surrounded by other alumni and guided by the Cramer crew.  Help us return the Cramer to Woods Hole!

Cruise Dates:    May 30 to June 4, 2018

Cruise Track:    New York City area to Woods Hole, MA

Program Fee:    $1,000 per person

As with all SEA programs, they will be vigorous, fun and highly rewarding! You and your guest will participate in vessel operations as part of the crew by standing watch, handling sail, navigating, helping in the science lab, and enjoying shipboard life.

The program fee is $1,000 per person and includes room and board throughout the duration of the sail. Alumni are invited to bring one guest (age 12+). Payment of the full amount or deposit of $4500 per person is required to reserve a bunk. Bunks will be filled on a first come, first served basis and are held by credit card at the time of booking. For more information about the sail and to reserve your bunk, please visit the alumni sail registration page.

If you still have questions about the sail, after visiting the registration page and reading more infromation, please email Victoria at vsmith@sea.edu.

Alumni News

Kate Salesin Develops Sustainable Sushi Guide App

Kate is an alumna of C-268 and C-226D and developed the idea for the guide during her SEA Semester experience in Europe.  A major academic component of the program was examining the historical development of fisheries in four historic seaports in Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain.

"One of the main themes of the class was overfishing, so I decided to put my computer science skills to use by making an app for the final project called Sustainable Sushi Guide."
The app helps users interpret sushi menus, lists the fish used in each dish and if they are sustainably harvested.  Her first goal is to market the app to organizations and businesses promoting the use of sustainable fisheries. From the app's website:
Sustainable Sushi Guide is your seafood and sushi dining companion. You might recognize maguro or hamachi on a menu, but what about tako, iwashi, or shirako? What are they? Are they served raw or cooked? Are they sustainably harvested? Sustainable Sushi Guide is here to rescue you.

  • Search over 60 types of seafood by Japanese or English names
  • Read sustainability information distilled from many seafood guides
  • View photos of typical preparations
  • Translate over 50 other terms you might see on a sushi menu (e.g. nigiri, chirashi, omakase)
  • Learn about sustainable fishing and farming methods
  • Rate sushi you’ve tried for future reference

Kate's Sustainable Sushi Guide (ad-free and does not require an internet connection to work) is available on itunes. Spread the word!

Alumni Contact

Victoria Smith

Alumni Relations Coordinator
(508) 540-3954 ext. 512