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Admissions - Prospective Parents

Prospective SEA Semester Parents

Parent Testimonials

“My daughter participated in SEA Semester when she was an undergraduate at Oregon State. I believe the program is life changing, inspiring, and brings out the best in our young adults. I am a former Environmental Studies graduate professor and believe that the SEA faculty are bright, dedicated, caring, creative and professional. I highly recommend the program.” - Class C-190 Parent

“SEA certainly gave something to [my son] that was profoundly positive - I really do think it changed his life, and that he had the opportunity to discover so much about himself, other people, and the world through that experience. We will always be grateful to your organization, and all the people in it!” - Class C-197 Parent

“I love SEA. I am suffering from a slowly healing herniated disc, [my husband] is out of town, and the plow plowed us in. Before I could blink, [our son] was out there in his boots and rain gear shoveling the wet heavy snow. I don't think that would have happened before SEA without a lot of nagging and pleading on my part.” - Class S-225 Parent

If you would like to speak with the parent of a SEA Semester alum, please contact the SEA Admissions Office at admission@sea.edu.