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Admissions - How to Apply to a High School Summer Program

Apply to High School Summer Programs

SEA High School Summer Programs are open to current high school students, including graduating seniors, who have successfully completed at least one high school level science and one high school level mathematics course.

Application review begins the fall prior each year, and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis with monthly reviews until the programs are full.

Required Materials:

  1. Online Application & Application Fee
  2. Original One-Page Essay
    Why have you chosen to apply to an SEA High School Summer Program? What do you expect to gain from your experience, and what do you expect to contribute to the program? Please email to
  3. Official High School Transcript
    E-transcripts may be emailed to Hard copies may be submitted via email to or by fax to 800-977-8516.
  4. Academic Reference Form
    This should be from a high school level instructor who has taught you within the past year. Ideally, your current science teacher. The online application will provide a link to email the reference form to your teacher directly.