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You Can Afford SEA Semester

Sea Education Association remains committed to making SEA Semester programs affordable for all qualified and motivated students. With current world-wide economic challenges, we promise to work with you to make the ultimate off-campus study experience an affordable one. We will help you transfer as much of your current financial aid as possible toward the cost of SEA Semester. We also have a generous financial aid program that can cover most other unmet need. In fact, with this assistance SEA Semester may not cost any more than what you pay at your own college or university.

Also, SEA programs operate in U.S. dollars, which means that you are not affected by high international exchange rates. While our ships do visit some exotic locales, the limited shore time ensures that you will not incur significant costs outside the program fees. Therefore, SEA Semester can be less expensive overall than the cost of many other off-campus study programs.

Finally, as you are preparing for a career after college or applying to graduate school, the leadership and teamwork that are inherent benefits of participating in SEA Semester will be invaluable to you. Just ask any of our alumni!

(If your parents are concerned about cost, please share this with them or have them contact our admission office at


Virginia Land McGuire

Associate Dean for Student and Financial Services

Financial Aid Contact

Virginia Land McGuire

Associate Dean,
Student Services & Financial Aid

SEA Alumna - C115
800-552-3633 x 557

Financial Aid Contact

Dale Dean

Student Services & Financial Aid
800-552-3633 x 535

Financial Aid Contact

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SEA Financial Aid
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SEA Financial Aid
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