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Academics - SEA Semester Faculty

Dr. Charles Lea


Professor of Oceanography

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Chuck Lea joined the Sea Education Association (SEA) in 1985 as a Chief Scientist and member of the Oceanography faculty. Chuck received his BA in Biology at the University of Colorado in 1973, his MS in Oceanography (biological) from Texas A&M University in 1978, and his Ph.D. in Oceanography (biological) in 1984, also from Texas A&M University. Prior to his appointment at SEA, Chuck was a 1st Lt. In the U.S. Army Reserve, and also worked as a Graduate Assistant, researching marine invertebrates, neuston, and pelagic cephalopods. His current areas of research include the distribution of cephalopods and pelagic zoogeography.

Select Publications:

Lea, C. The distribution and seasonal occurrence of Alloposus mollis, a pelagic octopod (in preparation).

Lea, C. Cephalopods and myctophids of the western Gulf of Mexico: relationships to circulational features (in preparation).

Lea, C. Pelagic cephalopods of the Florida Current. Ph.D. dissertation, Texas A&M University. 1984.

Lea, C. and Wormuth, J.H. Gulf Stream cyclonic experiment. Pelagic cephalopod data report. Time series cruises Knorr 62, 65, 71 and Endeavor II, Texas A&M University, Dept. of Oceanography Reference 81-4-T. 1981.

Lea, C. Pelagic cephalopods of Gulf Stream cyclonic rings. M.S. Thesis, Texas A&M University, 61 pp.