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Academics - SEA Semester Faculty

Captain Elliot Rappaport


Professor of Nautical Science

Appointed to SEA Faculty in 2002

Phone: (508) 540-3954 x548
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

BA, Oberlin College
MS, The University of Maine

Licenses and Certifications:
Master of Auxiliary Sailing Vessels to 1600 Tons, on Any Ocean
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician

Research Areas & Interests:

Capt. Rappaport has been active in the maritime industry for 30 years, and prior to is appointment at SEA was head of Maine Maritime Academy's traditional sailing program. His interests include the development of interdisciplinary teaching materials based on natural systems.

Courses Taught:
  • Nautical Science
  • Leadership in Dynamic Environments
  • Maritime History and Culture
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Basic Safety Training