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Christina Mei Lin Wine

Christina Mei Lin Wine

SEA Semester Class:

S-242 (Summer Session)


University of Hawaii at Maui College



SEA Semester Research Focus:

Scientific Research - Pelagic Microcommunities Living On Floating Debris

Why did you choose SEA Semester?

I grew up on an island. The ocean is our diamond. Getting to explore that (plus getting to leave and see the Atlantic and who studies there), even just skimming the surface with the wind, sounded absolutely irresistible.

What was the singular most memorable moment of your SEA Semester experience?

Every second of not being seasick! This is a really impossible question. The one I want to share is a moment on bow watch with a near-full moon glaring onto the water when I realized where I was, what I was doing and that I’d never been so happy. I was ready to howl at the moon. Moments like those let you love people who aren’t being lovable and live through times that just don’t seem livable in the days (and probably years) to come.

What were the strongest aspects of SEA Semester?

The staff, the teaching style and general atmosphere of pushing toward a set goal in such an intense fashion. Relationships form as deeply as though they’ve had a lifetime to grow in. That’s what SEA is: an abbreviated lifetime. We learned so much without realizing it, and lived more deeply in two months than people can do in decades.

What were the most challenging aspects of SEA Semester?

For me, the worst bit was living with seasickness. But in general I’d say it was definitely the academic portion, especially when combined with the physical challenges of, well, writing a research paper on a boat. It’s great, though.

Words of advice for future SEA Semester students?

You’ll be fine. Cap won’t get you lost. Appreciate everything. Don’t ever lose perspective of what you’re doing. Be the bright spot you need on a hard day; laughter and singing are just as contagious as gossip and whining. People are incredible, and leaning on each other will help carry you through the “dark times” (copyright S242 catchphrase) to the unbelievable highs that you’ll experience.