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About Sea Education Association

Diversity & Inclusion at SEA

Sea Education Association (SEA) is committed to making our community, and Woods Hole, more diverse and inclusive for students and scientists alike.

Diversity Statement

The environmental issues we address and explore at SEA are global in nature and can only be better understood through the engagement of multiple stakeholders and perspectives. We believe that diversity is a strength to be developed in our programs, on our ships, in our community, and in our world. We believe that by acting together, we can accomplish more than by any of us acting alone. We recognize that the ocean doesn't separate us; it connects us. We are committed to understanding and strengthening those connections every day through hands-on education, stewardship development, and sail training at sea.

Woods Hole Diversity Initiative | Partnership Education Program (PEP)

Under a pioneering Diversity Initiative partnership launched in 2004 with the five other scientific institutions in Woods Hole, SEA has helped to broaden the pathways for students from all backgrounds to learn about the ocean. Such opportunities include our high school, pre-college, and undergraduate study abroad programs, as well as the Partnership Education Program (PEP).

PEP is a multi-institutional effort designed to promote diversity in the Woods Hole scientific community. This unprecedented partnership program provides fellowships for study and research in Woods Hole each summer, and is designed for college juniors and seniors underrepresented in STEM fields who want to spend 10 weeks gaining practical experience in the marine and environmental sciences. In addition to housing PEP students on our campus for the duration of their fellowships, SEA offers a PEP alumni scholarship award in the hopes that PEP students will return for a SEA Semester program, further developing their affinity for and networks within the Woods Hole community.

Diversity Abroad

Through our institutional partnership with Diversity Abroad, the leading organization advancing diversity and inclusive policies and practices in the field of international education, SEA is part of a consortium that is working to advance access, diversity, equity and inclusion in undergraduate off-campus study programs. We are committed to making our SEA Semester programs more representative of the undergraduate population and sending institutions that we serve.

Equitable Access

Through our generous need-based aid program, we are committed to ensuring that all qualified and motivated students can afford to participate in SEA Semester. Last year, we awarded over $1.4 million in need-based gift aid and merit awards, and the average scholarship was $13,600. We offer a number of Diversity Awards for students whose participation in SEA Semester will enhance the SEA community. We also offer a Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Award: an automatic scholarship of $5,000 to any student from a Minority Serving Institution (MSI) participating in a Fall, Winter, or Spring SEA Semester program.