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Alumni Profiles

About SEA

Leonard Pace

Science Program Manager, Schmidt Ocean Institute, SEA Overseer

About Leonard Pace

SEA Semester year: 2001
College/University: Hampton University 
Major: Marine & Fisheries Science
Graduate School: Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary
Graduate Degree: M.S.,Fisheries Biology

As a graduate student, Leonard Pace’s research took him to South Africa, where he studied Great White Shark ecology, to Antarctica, where he studied Naked Dragonfish respiration. Following graduate school, he completed a John A. Knauss Fellowship and held positions with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Science Foundation. He is now the Science Program Manager for Schmidt Ocean Institute, overseeing oceanographic research projects aboard the R/V Falkor. 

“I learned about SEA Semester in 2001 when I attended an outreach presentation at Hampton University. I knew immediately that the opportunity to spend a semester in Woods Hole and out to sea would be the adventure of a lifetime and provide me a better understanding of a career in ocean science. My time as a student sailor with SEA Semester taught me lessons about oceanography and celestial navigation, which became the core of my passion for marine science. I also gained leadership skills and understanding of meaningful responsibility when I had the opportunity to serve as acting ship captain.”

“Throughout my life and career, I have benefitted from the experiences, friendships, and network of SEA Semester alumni. I have worked with SEA Semester alumni in many of my professional positions and maintained friendships with several of my shipmates.”

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