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About SEA

Alex Prud’homme

Journalist and Author

About Alex Prud'homme

SEA Semester Class: 1983
College/University: Middlebury
Class: 1984
Major: History

As a journalist and investigative reporter, Alex has covered business, crime and politics for publications including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Time. As an author, his books focus mainly on culinary topics and the environment. He is best known as co-writer of Julia Child's memoir “My Life in France,” which partly inspired the film, "Julie & Julia."

Of his experience at SEA Semester, he writes: “I attended SEA Semester to learn oceanography and head to sea on a beautiful brigantine. After a childhood spent exploring beaches and oceanariums, reading about pirates and 'Moby Dick,' and as a member of the Jacques Cousteau Society, the program was a natural fit for me. Our trip to the Bay of Fundy led to great friendships, excellent adventures, and learning-by-doing.

Freelance writing is difficult even under the best of circumstances, as is sailing in a gale. Among the key lessons I learned at SEA was the value of adaptability and resilience, not to mention keeping a sense of humor.”

(Photo by Larry D. Moore)

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