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Shipboard Equipment

Our Ships

Shipboard Equipment

Markey DESF-4 Electric Hydrographic Winch with 3000-5000m 1/4” 3x19 wire rope
Markey DESH-4 Electric Hydrographic Winch with 3000-5000m 1/4” 3x19 wire rope
Markey DEBT-3 Auxiliary “enhanced BT” Winch with 1/8” wire rope
Hydraulic J-frame and Dynacon electronic metered wheel

Bathymetric Equipment
Knudsen Model 3260 Chirp sub-bottom profiling system, 2-7 kHz; consisting of:
TR-109 transducers and digital recorder (8 on Corwith Cramer | 9 on Robert C. Seamans)

Physical/Chemical Oceanographic Equipment
Water sampling Carousel SBE 32-16 with:

  • Seabird Electronics (SBE) 90208 Auto Fire Modules
  • SBE SEACAT Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) Profiler - Model SBE 19plus & 19plus v.2 unit
  • Biospherical PAR sensor
  • Sea Point in-vivo chlorophyll-a Fluorometer
  • Wetlabs CDOM Fluorometer and Transmissometer
  • SBE-43 oxygen sensor
  • (12) 2.5-L Water Sampling Bottles

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (RDI Ocean Surveyor 75kHz)
Octans fiber optic gyro-compass on Corwith Cramer; Ashtech ADU-5 on Robert C. Seamans
RBR towed CTD
FIA Lab 2500 flow injection system for nutrient analysis
YSI-30 handheld Salinity-Conductivity-Temperature meter
YSI-85 handheld
Orion 3-star benchtop pH meter
Ocean Optics USB2000 digital spectrophotometers
Secchi Disk
Star-Oddi centi-TD (temperature/depth) logger

Biological Sampling Equipment
Aquabotix Hydroview ROV (200ft rating, color cameras and HD ideo)
Turner Designs Model 10-AU Benchtop Fluorometers
Sea-Gear 200, 333, 1000 μm mesh Plankton nets
Sea-Gear 333 μm mesh Neuston nets (1m wide by 0.5m high)
Sea-Gear 63 μm Phytoplankton nets
Tucker Trawl multiple opening/closing net
MOCNESS with 9 net, 333 μm mesh, ¼ m2 opening (Robert C. Seamans only)

Geological Sampling Equipment
Shipek Sediment Grab
Gravity Corer
Fisher Sediment Scoop

(2) Zeiss stereo dissecting scopes
Zeiss/Nikon compound scope with epifluorescence capability
MoticCam microscope camera for digital photomicrographs

Underway clean-flowing seawater system with SBE-45 thermosalinograph, in-vivo chlorophyll and CDOM fluorometer, and transmissometer. System logs salinity, temperature, in-vivo chlorophyll fluorescence, beam attenuation, CDOM fluorescence, as well as GPS position once per minute while underway.

Computers / Network
HP rp5700 Desktops (Windows XP / 7; RAID; 2-4GB RAM) for scientific instruments as well as shipboard navigation and communication equipment, LAN and wireless network, automatic data backup, student library with HP rp5700 Desktops, Intel I-NUC solid-state computer, printers, and Dell laptops

Laboratory equipment (centrifuges, stir plates, adjustable micropipets, etc.), Milli-Q lab water, aquaria, PAR reference sensor, hydrophone, plankton splitter, handheld GPS