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SEA Semester Program Name Change

March 13, 2012

SEA recently adopted the name “Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean” (CCC) for the semester program known previously as “Documenting Change in the Caribbean.” 

SEA is not unique in debating whether the name of a program should reflect the content of the program or the process by which the information is presented and understood.  The CCC curriculum continues to be based on a series of documents that introduce students to historiographical sources and research methods, as well as to the history of social and environmental change in the Caribbean.  

Our source materials start with the logbook of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage, and include maps and charts, colonial documents, commercial records, voyage accounts, species surveys, ecological impact statements, tourist brochures and websites, and the literature of Caribbean people from both the Colonial and post-Colonial periods.  Modern documents include the Caribbean Common Market’s study on the impact of climate change, and a report to the US congress on cruise ship pollution.

From European colonization and the introduction of Africans as an enslaved labor force, to the role of American banana producers and international tourists, the profound impact of outside forces on the region is documented.  

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