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SEA Currents: sailing



A Day with Mama Cramer

Vanessa Van Deusen, B Watch, Barnard College
Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

0000 May 3rd 2017 — My watch beeps. It is midnight. I have been standing as lookout at the bow for one hour now. I look down into the water that breaks beneath me. It is speckled with bioluminescence that glimmers like sparks deflecting off of the hull. I look up into the sky, a bright crescent moon rests above me. I realize how thankful I am to be on watch on such a beautiful night.

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Sweet Life on Deck

Karrin Leazer, B Watch, University of Washington
Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

Hello everyone!

We have officially left the coastal waters of the Bahamas, and have entered the high seas, en route to Bermuda.  Today was another eventful day onboard the Cramer; standing watch, collecting samples, conducting genetic extractions/analyses, and setting sails.  During the allocated “class time,” the crew divided into watch teams (A, B, and C) and set all nine of the Cramer’s sails.

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Taking a Step Back Into the Present

Take Numata, A watch, Rowan University

“STRIKE EVERYTHING!!! SET THE RAFFEEE!! DEPLOY THAT NEUSTON BOOM AND GET THAT NET IN THE WATER!!” The mutiny on the Seamans unfolded. Every sail came down at once and Captain Jay watched in horror as the magnificent sail was hoisted way up like a magical pair of underwear before being flipped up into “party hat mode.” With just this small triangular “square sail” we would sail a perfect 2 knots required for the neuston net tow.

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Promesas a Las Estrellas

Romina Jimenez-Alvarez , Barnard College
Ocean Exploration

There are twenty-four hours in a day and we use every minute of it. Thus, this blog post is for April 13th, and starts promptly at midnight. We were continuing East on a starboard tack under the Stays’ls. I had just relieved my shipmate from bow watch and took his spot standing on lookout in the foremost part of the ship. I fastened my harness around the Stays’l line and looked out into the horizon. There was a light breeze, and the sea rippled with the appearance of scales. Beaufort force 2. It appeared as if were sailing through the moonlight.

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Line chase, dead whales, and sunshine

Talia Brown, A Watch, Duluth East High School
Ocean Exploration

We’re about a quarter of the way through our time on the Seamans, and after some time of seasickness, and nerves about being the people in this (very small) ship community who don’t yet have knowledge of the ship on the forefront of our minds, people are feeling like themselves again. More time has been found for good conversations, sharing music and stories as well as sailing knowledge. The magic of this community is starting to shine through all of the transitions and information and changes that we have been processing for the last week and a half.

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Roaring Forties Come Roaring Back!

Spencer Herda, C Watch, sailing intern
Ocean Exploration

Well! Dawn watch had an interesting time as the weather arose seemingly out of nowhere (it is hard to see cloud activity in the dark). Near the end of our watch it really picked up and we had to strike the jib and storm trys’l before breakfast. The captain gave us compliments on our no complaints attitude as we were called back on deck to finish some sail handling, especially Carina’s helmsmanship in the peak of the squall! Way to go C Watch!

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Sailing East!

Jacquelyn Wu, B Watch, Bowdoin College
Ocean Exploration

We woke up to the sound of rattling and banging this morning, along with a change in how the boat tossed and turned us in our bunks, just a few moments before B watch (my watch) was to be woken up for Dawn Watch from 0100-0700.

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Birthday at Sea

Lisa Gilbert, Chief Scientist, Williams-Mystic
SEA Semester

Good morning from the SSV Corwith Cramer!

On Sunday, February 5, a pod of dolphins surfed our bow wake at sunrise.

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Moonbows and Neuston Tows

Martha Carter, A Watch, Miami University
SEA Semester

Imagine a rainbow made of varying shades of silver extending completely across the night sky.  I had no idea that this, to which we coined the term “moonbow,” existed before I saw it last night.  We had just sailed through some squalls during our evening watch; it was raining, and the boat was getting knocked around in the waves, making lab work difficult to say the least. Suddenly, the storm passed and everything was calm until Gracie busted through the lab door shouting, “Guys! There’s a rainbow. AT NIGHT!”

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Man the Braces, Let’s Gybe

Koby Schneider, B watch, Miami University
SEA Semester

Today was quite a fun, busy and educationally competitive day. ‘B watch’ began the day by relieving the dawn watch A at 0700. The morning was on the rough side as we began our day by sailing through 10-12 foot swells. Due to the fact that the ride was quite rocky it held challenging conditions for deploying science equipment off of the port side science deck. However, nothing holds a true scientist from researching and learning.

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