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Another Successful Day

Daniel Wahl and Jacob Athamni, Acalanes High School and Falmouth High School
SEA Semester

Shining Sea Bikeway, Massachussetts

Today, we started like we do everyday, up at 645, breakfast at 7, and class at 830. We began with our first look at marine life in Oceanography. Next we had a guest speaker, Greg Berman come talk to us about Cape Cod Geology, how it was formed, and how to maintain the beaches. After morning classes, we split to lunch.

After a great lunch, we departed for a tour of the Paleoclimatology labs at WHOI (Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution). We met with our guide, Stephanie, who worked at the labs. She gave us a very brief, yet interesting introduction about her work in climatology. Inside, we got to observe the scientists in action, cutting open samples of mud from the bottom of the ocean! We were allowed access to the massive stores of samples they had in warehouses, especially some that were kept in freeezers.

Coming back, we had popsicles, and after free time another successful day was done.

- Daniel & Jacob

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