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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Ocean Education

What is SEA?

SEA, Sea Education Association, is an internationally recognized leader in ocean education. We are the only organization in the world that brings students from all disciplines to the deep ocean under sail to study the science & culture of the sea. For 40 years and over one million nautical miles, we have educated over 7,500 students about the oceans through our fully accredited off-campus study program, SEA Semester.

We offer a variety of SEA Semester programs to suit any undergraduate academic major, as well as three unique High School Summer Seminars, all of which provide a hands-on approach to marine science education.

SEA is based on Cape Cod in the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Read more...

SEA Academic Programs

SEA Semester

SEA Semester is a 12-week study abroad program for undergraduates that combines academic study on shore with a sailing research voyage at sea. Each SEA Semester includes foundational coursework in oceanography, maritime studies, and nautical science, and is designed to offer a multidisciplinary platform from which to study our oceans. 17-18 credits are offered through Boston University. Learn more...

SEA Summer Session

The Summer Session is an 8-week version of SEA Semester: Ocean Exploration. This abbreviated program offers undergraduates a comprehensive understanding of the world’s oceans through interdisciplinary coursework on shore and at sea. 12 credits are offered through Boston University. Learn more...

High School Summer Seminars

SEA Summer Seminars are modeled after our undergraduate SEA Semester program but specifically designed for high school students. These 3-week academic programs balance on-shore research and team building with oceanographic research aboard a traditional sailing vessel. Program offerings vary. Learn more...

Collaborative Programs

In addition to our regularly offered programs, SEA partners with many institutions of higher education to offer customized programs. Collaborations include Stanford @ SEA, Williams-Mystic, Boston University Marine Program’s Marine Semester, and the WHOI/MIT Joint Program. Learn more...

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